Umboo, The Elephant By Howard R. Garis

  Categorie: Animals, Children
  Author: Howard R. Garis

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a circus? What if, rather than choosing to be in one, you were captured and taken away from the home and family you knew and made to perform in the heat of a big top? Meet Umboo, the elephant, Chako, the monkey, Snarlie, the tiger and their circus friends and learn how life in the jungle was different from life in the circus.

First Page:

Circus Animal Stories




Author of “The Bedtime Stories” “The Uncle Wiggily Series” “The Daddy Series” Etc.



I Baby Umboo

II On The March

III Sliding Down Hill

IV Umboo Learns Something

V Picking Nuts

VI Umboo Is Lost

VII Umboo And The Snake

VIII Umboo Finds His Mother

IX To The Salt Spring

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