Five Thousand Dollars Reward By A. Frank [pseud.] Pinkerton

  Categorie: Play, Politics
  Author: A. Frank [pseud.] Pinkerton

First Page:

[Transcriber’s note: The non standard spellings of the original text have been retained in this etext.]







“Will you give me a glass of water, please?”

A ragged, bearded tramp stood before the door of a cottage near the outskirts of a country village, and propounded this question to a pretty girl who stood in the door.

“In a moment.”

The girl disappeared, soon returning with a pitcher.

She went to the pump near, and soon had the pitcher running over with sparkling water.

“I will bring a cup.”

“Needn’t mind.”

The tramp lifted the pitcher and quaffed the water as though he enjoyed it.

His eyes were not pleasant as he turned them keenly on the pretty face of the girl.

“Folks at home?”


“All alone, eh?”

“Yes; but Ransom will be around soon my brother.”

The eyes of the tramp glittered. He seemed to delight in reading the fresh young face before him.

“Nobody at home, eh?” he grunted. “Mebbe I’d better go in and rest a bit. Any objections?”

“Yes. If you are hungry I’ll bring you food out here.”

It was a pleasant day, and the sun was warm without being hot, a rare enjoyable day in June.

It seemed to the girl that there could be no excuse for a stout man like the one before her tramping and begging through the country.

“Why do you not work?” she said.

“I wasn’t born that way,” and he chuckled unpleasantly.

The girl hurried into the house.

His Trampship followed.

She was not a little alarmed at finding the ill looking fellow close at her heels. She feared and dared not anger him.

Placing a chair at a table, she bade him be seated, and then she hastened to set before him bread, milk and cold meat.

“The best the house affords, eh?” he chuckled, as he sat up to the repast. “The very best.”

“And it’s good enough for a king.”

Then he fell to and ate ravenously.

The girl walked to the door and gazed uneasily down the road.

“Brother comin’?”

“I do not see him.”

“What’s your name?”

The tramp was inquisitive.


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